Bishop (Pastor) Gene A. Ebright

May 2, 1950 - Sept. 21, 2011




Memories people have posted throughout Facebook

Matt Perdue Bishop Ebright has finished his race! Great man of God! He will be missed tremendously.

Jonathan Blanton It was an honor to get to sit and speak with him. I wish I had known him more.

Clarence N Lois Hand So sorry to hear!! Praying for Sis. Ebright!

Mia Woods Tomei This morning my Papa went to be with the Lord! So many memories I will cherish forever like the times I would be running around the church and in his low voice just say my name and I KNEW I was IN trouble, my knees would be shaking so bad. Or when we would go on family vacations...I remember one time talking to the fish he caught telling them I wish I could let them go but I couldn't because he would skin me! But most of all he was a great pastor and leader! We love you Pastor Ebright and will miss you! But I'm glad you are in a better place...with our Lord Jesus!

Jonathan Vazquez Please Pray for Bishop Gene Ebright and family. Doctors have given him 36 hours or less to live. He is a faithful soldier.

Michael L. Fleming I will pray. Have many fond memories of Bro. Ebright...I was the first graduate of his Christian school. I was a mess, he was patient. A tremendous man of God.

Joyce Shipman Wilson We are praying for this wonderful family....God is faithful.

Mark Markley Very faithful soldier indeed. Lord, your will be done

Aaron Smith I only knew him from conferences. He was always very kind to me, and said he would pray for me when he heard I was related to Mike Bingham. God bless this great man of God!

Alan Malunes I'm praying. God knows best. Whatever it is God surely intend it to be the best to all who love HIm. Indeed he is a great soldier and man of God. I am blessed to be with this man of God in several times that he visited the Philippines. We love you Bro. Ebright. God bless!

Lynn MacDonald He is truly a great man of God. Will be in prayer.

Theresa Mae Hughes We will, we love Bro. Gene and his lovely wife.

Debra Naimy He is a great man of God. We love him and we are praying

Christina Vandenberg I realized today, it’s not how long you've known someone but how they impacted your life. I know I only knew Bishop Ebright for a few years, but He changed my life. He was a powerful teacher and Mighty for God's kingdom. I'm heartbroken He is not hear anymore, But at the same time I am so happy that he because he is where he always worked towards being in the arms of Jesus!

Pauline Bertrand Today is a sad day. Thinking about memories I have with Pastor Ebright. Our talks, all the times he went out of his way to come to my house when I was having car troubles, lol our trip to Chicago. I'm so thankful to have had such a great pastor. I love you always! R.I.P. Pastor Ebright. I'm also so thankful to have Nick DeCicco as my pastor now!!

Ashley Whitfield-Spite RIP Bishop Ebright I will miss you so so much, but I know this world is not our home and now you are in the mighty hands of God with no more crying and no more pain. I love you.

Kim Ballin Praying for all of you during this time of loss. Much love and comfort to the entire family of first apostolic.

Ashley Lichtenbarger Praying that God be with you all during this time of loss. I love you.

Judie Parker Landaw Bishop Ebright will be missed greatly, but remember that God has put you and your wonderful husband in place to carry on the work that Bishop Ebright started and He will give you the strength necessary to do that. I love you and will be praying for you both and your entire church family.

Angela Jellison Lindsey, dear love, my heart is heavy for all of my friend’s loss at First Apostolic. I will be thinking of you and praying for you all. love you girl.

Nadine Hagood Rutledge My husband was sick a few weeks ago, nothing serious, Sis & Br. Ebright sent him a get well card and called to let us know that they were praying for him. How awesome and unselfish was that. We all really need to hold them both up in prayer.

Douglas Kline The Bishop taught prayer, fasting, and sound discipline in his walk with God. We should all respect this teaching and make an impact on others going forward. Even in dying, he was praying for my recovery from my neck fracture. This is an example of true Christianity.

Rachel Stafford-Hoffman Pastor Ebright will be greatly missed. He was an amazing Man of God. Today, the Lord truly gained an angel. Please pray for Sis Ebright and the rest of our church family.

Judy Mast We are Praying for the Ebrights and for the church he will be greatly missed .But God will have a great man to enter Heavens Gates and to walk the streets of gold with. WE LOVE YOU PASTOR EBRIGHT YOU WILL BE MISSED GREATLY BUT WE WILL SEE YOU IN HEAVEN SOON.......

Roy Tindle Brother Ebright was my family's pastor for many years. The whole family will miss him.

Jayson Shepard We will continue to pray for all......we will miss him very much!

Julie Colley-Ward He was a wonderful man and will be deeply missed. We will say a prayer for all of u.

Debbie Smith I'm so sorry to say this, Bro Ebright passed away this morning. God rest his heart. He fought a long hard battle and his race his run. I'm looking forward to seeing him soon and very soon, in the glory world/ Heaven.. Please keep Sis Ebright and the family in your prayers......

Melissa E DeCicco RIP Bishop Ebright. You will be missed greatly! I know that you are pain free now!! I love you bishop thank you for everything you have done for me!!

Amy West Bishop Gene Ebright finished his race this morning at 3:32am. He will be missed, but we know now the pain and tears are no more. Please keep Sis Ebright and the church in your prayers.

April Nichols I am so grateful that the Lord allowed me to learn about the good things of God from Bro Ebright. I learned the importance of fasting, fervent praying and mostly to praise and sing and dance like David. He will surely be missed, but he is celebrating his new life with our Lord. Thank you Jesus for the time that we had on this earth with Bro & Sis Ebright.

Lisa Morimanno So true!! I wouldn't be who I am today without them taking the time to invest in me! I will always be grateful and have a special place in my heart for them.

Sarah Nichols Remembering back when I was teenager and all the great memories I have of Bro. Ebright, he was such a big influence in my life, always encouraged me to put God first and seek the kingdom of God and now he’s in that beautiful city that he always told me about.

Elizabeth Paffumi He was such a wonderful person!! He inspired me, especially when I was going through a difficult time during those teenage years. I appreciate everything he taught me and I will surely miss him.

Luke StClair Heaven has gained a jewel of a man today. Bro Ebright was a genuine man of God! Praying for Sis Ebright, Pastor DeCicco & church family #sad

Jester Federico Bro. Naimy, Good am: I have received your text regarding the passing away of Bro. Gene Ebright. He is our Asia Pacific ALJC Representative. We have posted in our ACJC, (Phil), Inc. our heartfelt condolence and sympathy to ALJC. And to his family. Thanks for your text.

Virginia Sult For those of you that don't know, Pastor Gene & Ruth Ebright have been my pastors since I was 11 years old. Wonderful people that I have learned some of my biggest life lessons from and that I love dearly. Pastor Ebright has been fighting a battle with cancer for a few years now and may go home to the Lord today. Please keep Sis. Ebright and their families in your prayers.

John Reeves Concerning Pastor Ebright's I posted, "our hearts are saddened at the news of the passing of Pastor Gene Ebright. I remember the Bishop as a vibrant and true worshipper! Bro. Ebright was a very kind and humble man who treated everyone equally. Bishop, by God's grace, I will meet you in the morning over there!" He will be greatly missed...

Christine Brown Pastor Ebright will forever be missed. A great man and friend to so many people. He was always there when anyone needed him. Praying for Sis. Ebright as God brings her thru this. I love you Sis. Ebright. This is the song that comes to mind when I think of Pastor Ebright. Thank You for giving to Lord, I am a life that was change. In his ministry a lot have came to the Lord because of this great man of God. Sis. Ebright were praying for you and love you so much. Ray Boltz - Thank You

Diana Alexander Nichols This is a perfect song to remember Bro Ebright by. He will be greatly missed. Praying for Sis Ebright

Louann Pollock Couldn't of picked a better song. I am forever grateful for Pastor Ebright being in my life as a little girl, and coming to mine and my sister's rescue many times. For First Apostolic Church being my safe haven, and for coming to know a love, and Christ!!!! I look back and remember loving watching him get excited when preaching the Word. Never will be forgotten.

Joni Woolwine Pfishner I am so sorry to hear this, but I am glad his suffering is over. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.

Nick DeCicco Bishop Ebright finished his race this morning at 3:32am. Such a great man of faith. We will miss you bishop! You are in God’s hands now.

Joel Anthony Willis This is truly a great loss to mankind and great gain for our creator. Sincerity is not a deep enough word to express Bro. Ebrights compassion for the work of God. What an incredible man.

Amber Lang There is certainly no one like Bro. Ebright. He will be greatly missed. I feel privileged he called us his friends. We love you all and send our love to Sis. Ebright as well. We're keeping you in our prayers.

Brent G Wedding Jr You are in my prayers! Praying for Sis. Ebright too! All the saints of FAC and the Kingdom of God in general lost a great treasure. He will be missed, but his legacy will live on for years to come.

Jeanie Smith So sorry to hear... Our prayers are with you all.

Esther Pence Mccall praying for sis Ebright, you, all and your church family. Bro. Ebright was such a wonderful man of God.

Tim Gill A real soldier of the Gospel, and a God-given gift to this generation! He will be greatly missed!

Nadine Hagood Rutledge Bro. Ebright was such a kind and compassionate man - a true Pastor. Our family has been so blessed to have known him these past few years. He will be greatly missed.

Jayson Shepard Yes he is.......What a true man of GOD he was......He's home now!

April Nichols Got a text at work today that my 1st Pastor is going to be with the Lord soon and very soon. I love Bro & Sis Ebright so much for so many reasons. Bro Ebright baptized all three of our children and they all got the Holy Ghost while attending 1st Apostolic Church. Bro & Sis Ebright always loved me even though I was not serving the Lord yet & I rec'd the Holy Ghost there as well, many years later. I learned how to praise & worship the Lord from Bro Ebright. I learned how precious the Word of God is from them through instruction & by watching their example. They love & serve God the same no matter where or when. I have missed them dearly these past 10 years that we have been away & I will miss Bro Ebright while he is away. I hope to see him again jumping & shouting in the heavens with the angels some day and I know that our Lord will take care of Sis Ebright because she has always been a good & faithful servant. I love them both so much!

Debbie Wright Bro & Sis Ebright, you are in Robert & my prayers. We love you so much ~!~

Debbie Smith I have to share this story about Bro. Ebright. May of 1999 my husband Alan had a massive heart attack..The doctors said, he would not make it thru the night. 11 years later he is still here with me. Alan was in a coma for 10 days...Bro. Ebright came all the way down from Mishawaka to pray for Alan. He walked into that Hospital room expecting a miracle. He told me, Sis. Smith, I don't want anyone else in the room with Alan except for me, The Lord and my Bible. He went all around that bed praying. We could hear him outside the doors praying with everything he had. I know he reached Heaven that evening. Thank-you Bro. Ebright for the great life you lived. He touched our family in so many ways.

Mary Zimmerman Scott Dear Bro & Sis Ebright, We have known you for many decades and, we love and appreciate you and look up to you so much for the beautiful example your lives have been for the Lord! We continue to keep you and your church family in our prayers, as you so lovingly and faithfully did in our family's & church family's season of great need, for the peace, comfort, healing, grace that only our Lord can give! His Truth, His Word, His Spirit, all of the prayers going up for you...He will sustain you! We love you!

Titus Lee Bishop has taught me soooo much in such little time, I’m forever grateful! The tears come and go, but God will wipe away all tears, blessed be the name of the Lord! God's will be done!

Scott Swinehart I will miss you Bishop Ebright and praying for Sis Ebright. Thank you for the love you showed. He was always more concerned about how I was doing than what he was going through. Thank you for your ministry and raising up great men to carry it on.

Angela Jellison my thoughts are with you all today...

Sabrenna Evans I you Pastor and Sis. Ebright!!

Daisy Cardenas O my god this is a heart break bro and sister ebright were the only people there on our worst and good times and my husband and I will always love and care for dem pastor ebright was a great pastor

Zora Evans Sult I am so sorry to hear of the loss of this man that I knew since we were kids. We had some good times and yes some bad, I counted him as a friend and brother in the Lord. Sister Ebright, I ask that God help you, George & Jack in this great time of sadness. I ask that you all feel the arms of God around you. Love you all very much.

Douglas Kline There are three things that I will always remember Pastor Ebright for; one is fasting, two is praying, and three is discipline. These are virtues that we all need to improve on, barring none of us. I think we can all show more love and respect to each other going forward. When he heard of my accident, and God sparing my life, he began to pray for God to heal me. He was himself dying, but yet reached out to someone else. I WILL NOT FORGET this lesson in life.

Amy Elizabeth Hess While a large group of us from church surrounded Bishop (Pastor) Ebright, as he laid there, we sang.... "Peace, peace, wonderful peace, Coming down from the Father above! Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray, In fathomless billows of love!".... and here is another part of the song that I know He would love.......... "I am resting tonight in this wonderful peace, Resting sweetly in Jesus’ control; For I’m kept from all danger by night and by day, And His glory is flooding my soul!"

Titus Lee A moment I will never forget!

Debbie Wright That's a wonderful thing you all did for Bro Ebright, singing to him. We sang for my dad like that also. To me that's a Beautiful send-off to Heaven..

Sheila Kay Willis I can't imagine this life without my friend, Bro.Gene Ebright.

Chris Denaway I am saddened by the loss my new friends have experienced. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. My thoughts and prayers go to Bishop Gene Ebright, his family, and all the wonderful people I have had the good fortune to meet at First Apostolic Church. God Bless you all.

Cynthia Preston it is so just so real, that when I walk into the church, I’m wanting to see pastor in the chair on the platform, praying and singing to God in the way that he always did! Going to miss those moments, would always hear his foot beating on the floor, good, happy times, never forget those times

Tracy Smith I started going to his church 1 month before he lost his battle with Cancer. :( Only met him a couple times but very nice man, my goes out to my new church family. Rest In Peace Bishop Ebright.

Amy Elizabeth Hess Pastor Ebright was a wonderful loving man. When my mom Cindy Hayes Hess was sick in the hospital with pneumonia, even though he was fighting a cold and wasn't feeling good himself, he came to the hospital to pray for my mom. He always went out of his way to show how much he cared. When my mom comes to church, he always came over to pray for her. Such a gentle kind man. A wonderful example to us all.

Debbie Wright Bro. Ebright, you are gonna be greatly missed, but I know you’re in a better place, where there is no more pain and suffering. I used to attend your church; you were a very understanding and thoughtful person to me. Robert & I really enjoyed being with you, listening to you preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I just know you and dad will have a wonderful time visiting till we all can be together in Heaven, some sweet day. Love you Always!!!

Angel Devine Brown Today my heart is heavy for the loss of a wonderful Godly man, who shared his life showing others the way to Heaven, gives up his life for others so that they could be saved. He actually did as Jesus instructed us to each do.. Go out to the highways and byways and into the darkness to bring the light and the gospel. Pastor Ebright touched many souls, his anointing could be felt by many, his spoken prayers and vision could be seen. I believe that he is not simply resting in Heaven but still praying and doing the Lords work even from Heaven. May his loved ones feel peace and love still.. My thoughts and prayers to Sis Ebright at this loss and Pastor Ebright's family.. My family will be thinking and praying for you!

Shaun Plencner Last time I saw pastor ebright was in lowes parking lot and he ran up to shake my hand and asked me how I was doing I myself have not been to that church in quite a long time and it's going to be weird without him their He was a very strong man of God and he always had a smile on his face.. We Lost A Great Man Of GOD But Heaven Added an Angel today

Louann Pollock I am praying for First Apostolic Church, and Ebright family. I was rooted and grounded there as a little girl until I was 18. I remember the church on Frances St where my walk began. I remember always being curios as to what was going on there, we would ride bikes around the doors as service was going on to see if we could see in, LOL. We were invited, and came to know Christ and love. I remember Bro Ebright coming to our home in the late hours to try and help out with the fights, and a brother that was a severe alcoholic. He would talk to him and calm him so nothing happened. He always came, and never thought of me & my sis any differently due to our home problems. He always was there. Thanks be to God for the Ebright family.

Robin Flanagan I am going to miss bro ebright he has help my family very much over the years I have known them since I was at a very young age I have remember so much over the years and the talks that we had and I remember the fishing trips that he took so many of us when we were younger and went to school there my brother and I did he was a great person and remember when some of us use to miss church and walk around the building are when church was going on and we use to be writing notes to each other and get in trouble and for talking in church going to miss u

Dawn Ward I have known Bro.Ebright as a friend most of my life and he was the second pastor of the church as well. I will miss him. I was baptized and filled with the Spirit under the Elder Bishop Ebright's ministry .I was there when Gene took over as Pastor. He had a mission and visions throughout his ministry. I shall not forget him. My prayers go now to his wife, Sis. Ebright and his family and friends.

Dayna VanVynckt Vellos Love and Prayers to the Ebright family. Pastor Ebright paved the way and laid the foundation for so many souls including my own. Thank you Pastor Ebright. Thank you for surrendering all and giving your life to do God's work. Thank you for being the mentor and leader you were. Thank you for the many years of teaching and guidance. While greatly missed here on earth, your reward in heaven is greater by far.

Linda Sanfratello Ditto what my Daughter Dayna just said. Dorothy, George, Gene and Ruth are birth family to us. We grew up on a solid foundation and the roots remain in good soil to this day. Although you will be missed Brother Ebirght, we all know you have a crown of glory waiting for you and we rejoice in that knowledge. Love and prayers to all family and friends.

Robin Flanagan bro Ebright was a great pastor thank u for all what u have done in my life all of these years love and prayers to the ebright family

Sarah Nichols I remember when I attended the church school Bro. Ebright was the highlight of the day, he would come in and make all the kids laugh and then in the same conversation have us in tears as the spirit of God would enter the room. We love the Ebright family and have comfort in knowing he is with his creator.

Diana Alexander Nichols I have always considered Bro Ebright my spiritual father, he was always there when I needed him. He will be greatly missed! I love you Bro and Sis Ebright!

Dawn Ward I was thinking about the comments about songs. I remember Bro.Ebright used to sing the songs ,"How Great Thou Art","I Met The Master" and "The Lighthouse". He sung others, I’m sure, but these were brought to my remembrance today.

Arlene Diaz Bro ebright was like a good person that I look up to he always knew when something was wrong with me he always knew what to say we will miss you so much :-)

Sonya Byer So sorry to hear of Bro Ebright's passing. I attended First Apostolic School around 13 years ago as well as attended many church services there. He would always come in on Thursdays and lead our chapel services. I didn't know him as well as Sister Ebright, but he was always very happy anytime I seen him, and could tell he was a devout Christian man.

Titus Lee My heart is aching, but I can feel the joy of the Lord surrounding me! Going to miss you Bishop Ebright!!!

Helen L Roe I hadn't heard that bro. ebright passed. I am so sorry and many prayers going out to the family and friends. May god bless you all.

Shelly Mizell Wilson is praying for all our friends at Faith Apostolic Church in Mishawaka. Bro. Ebright was an amazing leader and will be greatly missed. May God's peace and strength be with you during this difficult time.

Matthew Ball Heaven is a little sweeter today as a great missionary, pastor, worshipper and friend went home to be with the Lord. We will truly miss Gene Ebright. Our prayers are with Sis. Ebright, the Decicco's, and the church family.

Esther Fidelia Watts Lots of love and prayers to the Ebright and Woods family. Every since I heard about the Bishop going home I've been hearing that old song we use to sing there (oh about 30 years ago!) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THE LIGHT! It seems many people are saying 'Thank you' for God's light of love that this man of God shined with. On behalf of my family, we say, Thank you, Bishop and Sister Ebright for many good memories! We learned that song from them and we use to sing it often when I was at Faith Apostolic with the Millers. Every now and then I still sing it! :-)

Caitlin Perdomo Rest in peace, Pastor Ebright. What a great example you were for us down here; we'll see ya when we get home!

Esther Pence Mccall to Marilyn Dudeck Woods Sis Woods, I am so sorry about Pastor Ebright. He was a wonderful person and a great man of God. I wish we could be there but, Edwin's job won't permit us to. We love you very very much and please hug sis Ebright for us. You and your family are in our prayers with much love.

Jody Wade Sis sorry to hear about Bro Ebright! I know how close you were...may the Lord grant you strength and comfort! Send our love to the family. God bless and keep you all!

Shawn Joseph Sister Woods, very sorry to hear of your loss. He was such an amazing man of God. Leading by example and never wavering in his walk. I'm blessed to have known him. Take pleasure in knowing that he will be watching over you and very proud of you in keeping up the good fight of faith. Love you and were praying for you!

Tabatha Emery sister woods just want you to know everyone is in my prayers and I love you... may the Lord strengthen each and everyone of you and allow the peace and comfort be over you all. I love you.

Camela Mendenhall Walker So sorry to hear this. Nathan Spite called this morning, and we are praying.

Christa Cox Bro. Ebright, you've taught me so many things about God and how to have a relationship with him and to trust him. You held my hand in the bad & good times.. I'll never forget the last time I seen you, you whispered in my ear "I love you like my own granddaughter". Tears fill my eyes now as I speak of you knowing you're no longer with us, but I know your at rest with God. You've always talked about dancing at Jesus' feet and you are now. Forever in my memory. I love you Bro.Ebright.

Rhonda Malone Lehman Sorry to hear this about Bro. Ebright. Loved him and his wife dearly.

Paul Minton Steve I am sorry for the loss of you'r uncle ! Hope you are doing well my friend !!!!

Steve Pellum It was a day by day, one day he was good, next his health was failing, last I knew hospice was called in Monday and he was doing bad and it was a matter of time. Im down here in So Carolina right now, too!!!

Richard Van Vynckt Pastor Ebright gave me my first and only bible when I was very young I will never forget his voice.

Ken Mattingly Sorry for your loss, he was truly a good man, a great friend and a precious man of God. I can still see him a camp and think of our many nights sitting around the table taking. He taught me so much. I will miss him. Few hold a place in my heart like him.

Joni Woolwine Pfishner I am so sorry to hear this, but I am glad his suffering is over. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.

Stacy ReneePlease keep Sis Ebright in your prayers! Pastor Ebright passed early this morning!!! My heart goes out to her & the family & church family! Such a wonderful man!! He truly touched many lives including mine!! He will be GREATLY missed!

Lisa Morimanno Our hearts are sad and heavy for her. Praying for her and will continue to do so.

Judy Mast We are right there with everyone else holding Sister Ebright and family and Church up in our Prayers he will be missed....

Frank Diesel We are praying for this great man of god. Our thoughts an prayer go out to the entire family. May god bless you an an give you comfort this this horrible time. Go in peace brother.

Shawn Joseph Will do, he we be sorely missed. Such an awesome man of God

Tabatha Emery Will always remember the years of knowning him ..Such a great man of God..Prayers and thoughts will continue to come to the family...

Felix Crowder Sorry to hear that this dear brother has passed away. May the Lord be a strength to you all now. I know He will!

Jerry Kretchmer This is the first I've heard of Bro. Ebright. I had no idea he was dying. I seen him and Sis. Ebright a little over a year ago at New China. He looked fine, and said he felt fine and praised God for what He had done for him. Very sad. I didn't know him well, but he was a good man.

Michael J. Maupin Rick Warren said, "At death, we who love Jesus don't leave home-we go home!" Bro. Ebright, enjoy going home man of God!

RyanJessamy Champion Section 5 Youth Rally is being cancelled for this Saturday the 24th in Sullivan Indiana, due to the passing of Rev. Ebright, we ask that you remember Sis. Ebright and their Family and also Pastor DeCicco and Family in your prayers.


Sharon Mattingly No words to say how this will change many people. A soilder has won the battle, he's in gloryland somewhere. Bro. Ebright will be greatly missed. He was one loved gentleman.

Jennifer Tsitrian Joseph Please Pray for Sister Ebright's strength and for Pastor Ebright he has said that he wants to go home to be with Jesus.

Virginia Merry Tanner I sure will be. Lord Jesus I ask you to wih everyone at this time lost because he was a great person and confort everyone. He will be missed. Bu he was well loved.

Todd Woods To my father in the Lord..Pastor Ebright (Uncle Gene)! You have been my role-model and inspiration. You have taught me so much and have instilled godly principles into me. You are the greatest dad that a son could have. Happy Father's Day!!

Tim Gill Bishop Gene Ebright went home to be with the Lord early this morning. He will be greatly missed. To all those he mentored and ministered to; pick up his passion and faithfulness and press onward!

Robbie Broom Another saint shouting in Heaven with Jesus!!Will be praying for all!!

Donald Wineinger Our loss but Heavens gain

Junior Dixon I met brother Ebright years ago, Great man of God. He will be greatly missed

Johnny Peacock When I was in the ALJC we were good friends. Worked in the Youth Dept together in the '70s. Our sadness is Heaven's joy. Hold him close Lord, until we meet again.

J. Michael Wilson One of the Kingdom of God's finest and most faithful, most enthusiastic supporters now reaps a "Hero's Reward!" May this man's fervor and zeal infect us all for the good of the Kingdom! Our prayers are with Sis. Ebright and the church family!

Patty Clinton Lee Brady Was saddened to hear of your loss!

Mikki Foulkrod Glaeser It didn't take very many opportunities to meet such a great man of God for him to impact us, too. He will surely be missed.

Sabrenna Evans Pastor went home to be with the LORD this morning. RIP...Pastor GENE EBRIGHT!! I you and Sis. Ebright!!

Miriam Laurence its so sad bree... i feel for sis Ebright and the church.... i loved them so much... im sitting here thinking about all of our memories... the youth trips the out to eat on fridays with them... and i will never forget the one friday night when we were out and I left with a couple of my guy friends and he called my mom up and told her lol... he truly cared about us all... RIP Bro Ebright!!!!!! I know you are having a great morning though up in heaven....

Sabrenna Evans Thank you Angela Powe! :) Miriam...LOL is all I can say without crying. It's so weird...I haven't been to that church in a LONG time and I saw Sis Ebright at Family Dollar one time and she was STILL so incredibly nice to me. I them!!

Miriam Laurence i cried last night and then again this morning when i heard of his passing... I haven’t been there in a long time either but they are always close to me ya know... I love them so much and he will be missed.. it’s going to be weird if I go visit the church without him there and running up to shake my hand and have that big smile on his face......

Sabrenna Evans I think the last time I was there was Easter of 2007. Dave (b/c he doesn't know the Apostolic Faith) thought he was a little strange/weird b/c he was always jumping and praising GOD but that was Pastors way of doing things...ya know? I wish Dave would have had a REAL opportunity to know this incredible man of GOD! Should have taken the time when he WAS here and now it's too late. :(

Danny T StClair Sorry to hear of the passing of a dear friend and GREAT Man of God! Pastor Gene Ebright will leave a great legacy!

Marion Medlin Dates Remembering a great pastor today. :)

Nancy Cooper Larisey We Love You Sis Ebright and our prayers are with you in this time of Greif. What a celebration of life and a wonder Man of GOD to remember. his work for the LORD has blessed so many lives. The First Apostolic Church was actually my First Apostolic Church, Ill never forget the drawing power of his prayers as I passed the Church, I knew I belonged there.

Laura Schaffer Pastor Ebright was my first Pastor in the Apostolic Faith. He is the wonderful man that baptized me, and helped to begin the cultivation of the seeds that have made me who I have become today. What an amazing man, and what a powerful role he has played in so many peoples lives. Thanks be to God for this humble and obedient servant. He will be missed. Love you Pastor Ebright! We are praying for Sis. Ebright, and the continuing ministries of First Apostolic Church.

Nancy Cooper Larisey I am sadden by the loss of Pastor Ebright, I remember when we first went into that Church , you could feel the annointing of God in there. Before I went there I was praying for a church and as I passed by First Apostolic Church I felt a drawing, Little did I know then that Pastor Ebright was praying for God to draw people in from the North South East and West. We had moved from Florida to Indiana. I just glad God placed me under The Ebrights Ministry. I grew and learned so much. I look forward to seeing him again in heaven. Im sure he will be having a good time while im waiting. God bless you Sis Ebright and may Angels minister to you in this time of Greif, Love you all.

Nancy Cooper Larisey One more thing I remember is when Deanna, my daughter, had an appendicitis attack and she would not let the doctors do much until her pastor prayed for her ( she was 8 then) We called pastor and he was on his way back from the airport picking up Bro. Ashcraft for a scheduled revival. We waited as her fever increased and pain got worst but she would not allow them to take her to sergery or even do cat scan until he prayed. When they got there she smiles and said theres my pastor. They prayed together and her fever went down and the doctors sent her home, she was healed! The blood work and everything said it was her appendicitis attack. This is just one of the many praise reports that God did through Bro Ebright!

Jester Federico First Apostolic Church from Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ(Phil.),Inc.-We have videos and photographs of Bro .Gene Ebright during his stay for 5 days in our General Conference in Bicutan,Taguig,Philippines last 2010.He is ALJC representative for Asia and the Pacific.We are extending our condolence and sympathy to the family and the church.We are in bereavement due to this.We include this in our prayers.God Bless all.

Stephanie Irene Benjamin We have service information for Bishop Gene Ebright's funeral. Let's gather together to honor a great man of God, who did so much for the Kingdom. We love you and you will be surely missed.

Eleanor Koester Sorry to hear of Bishop Ebright's death, but he has suffer for some time. He is now at peace. Take care Nicholas Love Grandma

Angie Tobias Bro. Ebright thank you for helping me lay the ground work of my faith when I was young. My favorite memory of you is from 1988 when the book "88 reasons for God to come back in 1988" came out. I was so afraid that God would come back one night and I wouldn't be baptized that you and Sis. Ebright and my family went back to church at midnight and you baptized me. I walked in to the church and seen you sitting on the back pew and I felt so relieved. You gave me that big smile. I will forever remember that night.

Gloria Stallings I am so sorry to hear about Bro. Ebright. He was a wonderful man of God, and a dear friend of mine for 48 years. He will be missed. Our prayers are with Sis. Ebright, and the family.

Virginia Merry Tanner He will help you!! I'm praying you and your parents and Mrs. Ebright.

Janet Marie Grabill Marilyn we all knew and loved Paster Ebright.,I remember his favorite song Shut in with God in a secret Place ,there in the spirit beholding his face .gaining new power to run in this race I long to be shut in with God. I believe he was the best friend and pastor that has ever family knew and loved his whole family.I will always have the best memories of Pastor Gene Ebright.

Mia Woods Tomei One thing Pastor Ebright was well known for was his "Jumping." I think he was even called Jumping Jack Gene ~ not really for sure but one thing is for sure he was a worshipper!

April Nichols I loved the way he worshipped God. No thought about anything but the Lord. I miss that most of all.

Louann Pollock So many memories, so many. I remember his laugh that would be so joyful. You could always feel better after talking to Bro. Ebright. I can remember a service where my mom had come after a knee surgery and was still having trouble with it. Pastor Ebright was praying over her, and she had taken the brace off, and walked around n danced because of God healing her. Faith, faith, faith just a little bit faith!!

Debbie Smith As we can tell by looking at all of these photos and the comments about Bro. Ebright...he lived everyday of his life for this moment when God called him home. He will now get his reward.

David Evans I will remember EVERYTHING about Pastor Ebright. Pastor Ebright was a GREAT man. He was there for my family in soooo many ways. I remember his words of encouragement, his words of discipline, I remember them. I can even hear them, now. I truly appreciate Pastor Ebright & Sister Ebright, for EVERYTHING they have done. I will miss you Pastor, but, you aren't gone from my memory. Sister Ebright, may you find comfort in this time of sadness. I love you.  Pastor, you are now in the streets of gold that you used to always talk about.

Angela Larisey Pastor Ebright was my first real Pastor. I grew up with this man and this church. Pastor Ebright was always a very fired up man for God. And when I was younger I did not appreciate him as much as I do now. He was an incredible impact on my life. I will never forget our memories. I truly wish I had never left the First Apostolic Church. Everything in my life had changed after that. And I am deeply saddened that I can not be there right now. Sister Ebright will always be in my prayers. I love and miss everyone. But I know Pastor Ebright is in a happy place right now walking along the streets of gold.


Sean Kevin Sink Pastor Ebright was a huge influence on me when I was only 6 or 7 years old. He would convince me that church camp was a good opportunity for me to really reach the Lord and he was so right. It was the time of my life and I have him to thank. Anytime I was going through a rough patch in my life he was there. He would pull me out of the classroom when the Church was off of Jefferson and he would ask me how things were becouse he knew about my father and how he was always "gone". He was like a father to me when I was young. Pastor, you were a wonderful man and I love and miss you dearly. You will always be in my heart. Im so proud that you and my Grandfather were close and used to preach together. We have a long history and I am so honored to have known you.

Shaun Plencner Pastor Ebright touched so many people in his time here now he is dancing in heaven with the angels

Barasl Apostolic Church We always remember the good fellowship and preachings of Bro.Gene Ebright during his visit us here in the Philippines."All the brethren greet you.Greet ye one another with an holy kiss."-1Cor.16:20.....We express our heartfelt Condolence and sympathy to ALJC and First Apostolic Church and to the loved ones and members of his family.

David Evans I am asking anyone who sees this, that will be at the funeral tomorrow, to give Sister Ebright my love. I apologize I could not make it, I REALLY wish I could've. Thank you.

Sarah Nichols Wish I could be there today. Love you Sis. Ebright and praying for all the church family.

Debbie Smith Thanks for sharing these photos...this is a blessing for those that couldn't make it. I see my brother Robert and his wife Debbie.

Nancy Cooper Larisey Yes I appreciate the pictures, God bless you all as you comfort one another! i WISH i COULD HAVE COME! I am sending a card with money instead of flowers, I think Pastor would want us thinking of her now.

Debbie Wright I'm glad we was able to go. We saw so many friends, and most of all I was so glad we could give our last respect to Bro. Ebright, and respect to Sis.Ebright as well. it was a wonderful showing and funeral..

Angie Tobias I've never been to a funeral where I've felt God's presence so strong. A true testament to Bro. Ebright and his love of the Lord and worship. What a wonderful way to say "until we all get to heaven".

Debbie Smith I knew it would be that kind of a service...It speaks highly of him.

Dawn Ward Oh my it was so awesome!I was worshiping in the pew and the Spirit hit me as I was standing. Good thing the pew was there.(c; The presence of God was there indeed. I was told later, about Sis.Ebright and Sis.Evelyn. I'm sure there were others. As there were so many from all over today.

Amy West I love my First Apostolic Church family! Today as we say good-bye to Bishop Ebright, there will be tears and sadness at our loss, but we know he is in a much better place and ran a good race. We will miss him dearly, but will continue his vision for the church and not lose our identity or the faith. I love you very much Bishop and Sis. Ebright!

Christina Vandenberg My heart is heavy as i say goodbye to the man of God who first taught me truth. and yet i rejoice because he is with our LORD!! what a bitter sweet day.

Shaun Plencner That's the way pastor would of wanted it

Karen Spence Artist I remember on a cold Feb. day Bro. Ebright was getting ready to baptize me and he told me to repent for my sins and while I was repenting, I recevied the Holy Ghost before I was baptized.

Mia Woods Tomei What a wonderful service for Pastor Ebright! We were having church! And that is how Pastor would have wanted it. It was great to see so many people come and honor him. He would have been so overwhelmed if he could see it.

Leaa Bingham-Chew This is a very nice picture! I'm so sorry for this loss to his friends and family on earth! What a win for heaven!

Marilyn Dudeck Woods Thank you Amy for all posting. Wonderful memories Sis. Ebright will have to reflect on. Love and appreciate you.

Karen Henson Mann Yes I agree and also thankful. Being so far away and not being able to attend it was wonderful to see all the photos and videos. He was a precious man of God. One of a kind !!

Ted David Carroll What a great man indeed. I meet him a couple of times at the church and he gave me a nice comforting warm welcome. I can tell he cared about others a there souls. Now the our Lord Jesus has promoted him, to eternity with him. This is a time of celebration, this is a victory. A-men


Postings from the South Bend Tribune Online

September 23, 2011 We will sure keep the family and church in our prayers. Thank you Rev. Ebright for your example of Christ and your passion for lost souls. Rev. James Archambeault, Kendallville, Indiana


September 23, 2011 May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived. Lori Ford- Marchand, Fishers, Indiana


September 23, 2011 We praise God for the wonderful blessing Pastor Ebright was to us and so many in the body of Christ. Our prayers are with your family as well as the church family. Mark and Becky Williams, Indianapolis, IN


September 23, 2011 Very sorry to hear of Rev. Ebright's passing. Peace to the family and friends. So glad he is in a much better place now. It was what he was striving for.... Jami Bevis, South Bend, Indiana


September 23, 2011 Pastor Ebright was a great man and spiritual leader. He mourn at his passing but rejoice where he is today. We love him and Sis Ebright and are praying for the family. John and Diana Nichols and family, Spring Hill, Florida


September 23, 2011 I have known Gene Allen for all of my life, we grew up together in the same church and he will be missed by those who knew him. My thoughts are with the family at this time in their life. Saying good bye for now to your brother, your husband, your friend or your pastor is not easy. God Bless all of you. Viola Nordman, Elkhart, Indiana


September 23, 2011 I hope, from my heart, that your pain will decrease, That your spirit will gain strength again, And I pray that your? faith will create inner peace, God be with you Eula David, Plymouth, Indiana


September 23, 2011 It is with our deepest sympathy that we express the sadness we feel over the loss of this wonderful man of God. What a great contributor he has been to kingdom of God. He will be missed. The family and the church at Mishawaka will be in our prayers. Tim & Wendy Bailey, Anderson, Indiana


September 23, 2011 We will miss Bro Ebright very much, but his love for the Word of God and the things of God will live in our hearts forever. We have been blessed with so many memories. We know that God will keep Sis Ebright during this time and after because she has always been a good and faithful servant. We love you both very much. Mike & April Nichols, Troy, AL


September 23, 2011 Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort. Glenn & Arlene Martin, Mishawaka, Indiana


September 23, 2011 The Bible says, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." We do sorrow, but not as others sorrow, because we have hope in Jesus. My beloved cousin fought a good fight and kept the faith. Praise the Lord for Gene Allen's life and his ministry! We're praying for your comfort, strength, and peace. Beckey Thompson, Mishawaka, Indiana


September 23, 2011 Celebrating a life well lived. We will cherish the memories forever. Mark &Linda Kuntzman, Grovetown, Georgia


September 23, 2011 What an awesome example he was....he definatly walked the talk and now hes dancin his jig in that city he preached abt. Uu will b greatly missed. Love u Sis Ebright. Christy, New Bern, North Carolina


September 23, 2011 I shall not forget Him as I knew him most of my life. As I did Sis.Ebright as well. We all 3 graduated the same year from high school as well. I have many memories from when we were young through life today. I pray that Sis.Ebright receives strength in her memories and peace from God as she goes through her grieving. My prayers are with her and the family and friends as they go on through this time.Our loss is heaven's gain. Be of good cheer and comfort, as in a while we shall be with him in heaven. Dawn Ward, Mishawaka, Indiana


September 23, 2011 Dear Ebright Family, Although words cannot begin to ease the sorrow of your loss, please know that you are in the prayers and thoughts of so many who care. Fond memories of the past and God's promise of tomorrow's reunion will bring peace and comfort as you walk through this difficult time. Wally & Cindee Stiebritz, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


September 23, 2011 Words can't even describe how special and what you mean to us in our lives. You have taught us so much and we will always have a special place in our hearts and such a spirit of gratitude for you and your ministry. Thank you for being such a great influence in our lives and teaching us on prayer, fasting, to worship God with a heart like David in everything to give thanks! I am sure Bro. Ebright is dancing those streets of gold. Sis. Ebright we are praying for God to surround you in his arms and place comfort and strength in you! You are a strong mighty vessel of honor and a faithful servant. WE LOVE YOU!! John, Lisa, Elizabeth & Alexandra Morimanno, Fort Myers, Florida


September 23, 2011 What a prince of a man. A real gentleman and a real man of God. The ALJC World Missions Department feels a great loss. Fond memories will always live in our hearts. Prayers have been going up for the family. Sorry we could not be there. Toby Frake, Bossier City, Louisiana


September 23, 2011 My Family and I were baptized in JESUS name at First Apostolic Church and grew in Christ there for 10 or so years, if it had been up to me we never would have moved to Florida. I always felt the anointing permeate from Pastor Ebright, he believed in serving God with a diligent and pure heart, with worship and praise at the center of his heart. This man of God I could never do him justice with words because he was a man of MUCH MORE.He encouraged us all to want the deeper things of God. Solumn Assembly Week was a Great example of his teaching us to seek after the greater things of God. There will never be another Pastor Ebright, he is greatly missed but never forgotten. Until we meet again in heaven I will be serving God with the memory of your great example. God bless you Sis. Ebright. Prayers and Love always. Curtis, Nancy, Angela and DeAnna Larisey Nancy Larisey, PORT RICHEY, Florida


September 24, 2011 Sis. Ebright please know that our prayers are extended to you at this great time of loss. We know that Pastor Ebright's passing is our loss, but Heaven's gain! Pastor and Sis. Purvis (they are out of state), as well as our church family, extend our love and prayers! Rev. Sandy Smith, Kokomo, Indiana


September 24, 2011 You will truly be missed Pastor E.....You were a great man of GOD and loved us unconditionally......I love you!........Jayson Shepard (South Bend, Indiana)


September 24, 2011 Extending my sympathy to the family. It meant so much to me when you came for my parents passing. He truly was a good servant and an example for all of us...In Christ's Love. Ann Winebrenner-Strycker, Vancouver, Washington


September 24, 2011 Pastor Ebright was dear to my heart after living with him and sister Ebright after our fire and he baptized me at the age of 9. He was a great man of God and will be truely missed my prayers to family members may God be with you and comfort you. Billi Adams, Mishawaka, Indiana


September 24, 2011 Thank you Pastor Ebright for being a powerful man of God and teaching us the deeper things in GOD!! Our time spent at First Apostolic were just a few short years however, they were power packed! We are better people because of you and your ministry! Pastor there are never any "good bye's"...only until we meet agains! We are praying for you Sis. Ebright during your time of loss, may God all mighty surround you with encouragement and strength during this time.Thank you for giving to the Lord!Love and prayers, Perry and Georgia Balsley


September 24, 2011 Perry and Georgia Balsley, Coldwater, Michigan


September 24, 2011 My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Fond childhood memories will live on in my heart forever. Gods amazing grace to you and your family. Always...Penny Lee Anson
























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